Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Um, can you say gorgeous?

The weather today has turned out to be wonderful! This morning I was scraping frost off my car and bundled up in my coat, but now it is warm and sunny! Woohoo!

In addition, today was a good day at work. Again, for every bad day I have it always seems like another one is right around the corner. I got a phone call early this morning from Boss #3 congratulating me on a doing such a professional job presenting new pricing and information to one of our clients, that had many problems with another manager in the division, but will now be one of my accounts.

Yay for happy days!


Kristal said...

Don't rub the great weather in - I'm sitting in an office! But, I've got errands to run after work and I plan on cruising around with my windows rolled down. ;)

Jennifer said...

Ditto the being stuck in an office. With my co-worker gone, I can't even take a lunch, let alone step outside :(

BUT...once I'm outta here, I am going home to change, going tanning and then to the grocery store. After that, I may just have to take Thacher on his first walk!

Julia said...

Whoo hoo. Keep up the good work.

And keep that good weather coming, my friend. Right on through the weekend.

Meghan said...

I'd say you were due for a happy day :) Enjoy!