Tuesday, April 22, 2008

At some point yesterday....

Hard to believe, but at some point yesterday my blog hit it's 1000 visits mark! Woohoo!

Plus, according to Google Analytics, I had my all time record number of people checking my blog yesterday. Not really sure why (ok, I have ONE theory), all I did was post a recipe, but whatever.

Everyone enjoy the day!


Julia said...

Congrats, love!

Apparently GA was out of control yesterday for everyone? Whoo hoo for lots of visits, even if it was for odd reasons:)

Lauren said...

Strange...I had my highest count too. Hummmm...???

Lisa said...

A bunch of you ladies have been mentioning these soars in readership. Interesting... :).

And, I will definitely be trying your stuffed balsamic chicken. My mouth is watering as we speak.