Monday, August 31, 2009

Running, skating, oh my!

The last few days I feel like a total bad ass. Saturday I did the 13 miles, and then today I grabbed my skates and headed outdoors for a nice afternoon skate. A nice 4.5 mile skate!!!

I am not sore from Saturday, which is freaking amazing considering last Monday after my 10 miler I could barely do a 45 min power walk/jog.

I totally survived the whole skate, only ahhh gently *cough* falling twice in two busy intersections *cough*.

I was even told my skates were "so cool". Um, yeah, all black pleather skates that have teal laces and say "Cobra" on the side in hot pink are definitely "so cool."


beth.caldwell said...

teal and pink are cool. the 80s are back, remember??

Anonymous said...

We need a picture of said skates. A better picture than that tiny blurry pixelated picture below.

Scazar said...

I still have my Roller blades from my hockey playing days. Perhaps we should 'roll' together one of these days ; p