Sunday, August 30, 2009

13 miles!!!

Yesterday I kicked ass. I did 13 miles. 13!!! And it was outside!!! I had my own personal half marathon and no one else on that trail even knew it.

At mile 11ish the reality of what was going on really sunk in, and I was all, "WTF!?! I am in double freaking digits!!"

I was actually making pretty decent time too, until the last few miles when my legs were so incredibly sore, it was ridiculous. So, I didn't love my time but like always I am trying to see past that and focus on the major accomplishment.

Not to mention that this week's 13 miles went 5x better than last week's 10. She does that perhaps mean by the time I get to the half marathon in two weeks I will be even better? I can only hope.

I also got my kick ass roller skates Friday and already have a date to use them on Monday.

Ahhh, my active life is good, now if I could just get everything else sorted out life would be perfect.


Jennelle said...

CONGRATS! Who cares about the time; it will improve, and the fact is YOU DID IT!

Ali said...

Oh my gosh I am so proud of you! You are going to kick so much ass in a couple weeks.

Pilar said...

WOW!!! That's a GREAT accomplishment!!! Congrats!!!

Julia said...

So awesome, T. I remember the first time I did 10 miles and I was in shock at the double digits. Congrats on lucky 13!