Sunday, August 23, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly of today's 10 mile run

The good:
I completed 9.5 miles today
I did these miles outside on Grants Trail, which is challenging for me because I would much rather run on the treadmill.
I found what the clothes that I planned on wearing for the half marathon will work just fine, except maybe a different pair of pants.
I have 3 weeks to go and I can do another run of this length (and longer) before the actual race.

The bad:
I barely ran today. I walked well over half of the run today.
My strap water bottle didn't hold nearly enough, and I just assumed Grants Trail would have more than oh, 2 water fountains in the entire 8 mile course that I would be able to fill up my bottle. The result was me being miserable for most of my "run". I just kept telling myself I would run more once I filled up my bottle, but I didn't get to the second water fountain until about mile 7.
Part of the trail was completely closed off, resulting in my 10 mile run being 9.5 miles due to where it was closed. And thanks Grants Trail, for putting that info on your website...oh wait you didn't so I was completely unprepared.
I ONLY have 3 weeks until the race and I have little time to make a vast improvement in my performance.

The ugly:
The port o potty on the trail....that is all about that though.

I am trying to focus on the positives of today and use this run as a learning experience, but it's tough. I was trying not to set time goals for myself, but I have decided that if on race day I walk as much as I did, I will feel like I failed a little. Unfortunately, the feelings of doubt have turned most of my excitement into nerves.

And while I know that my half marathon shouldn't be on the top of everyone's priority list, it is looking like some of the family that I was really looking forward to seeing me complete the race, may not be there because of something else that is going on that weekend.

Regardless of all this though, I have to give my fabulous husband major props. He scheduled his day around my run, dropping me off, picking me up, and making dinner since I was freaking exhausted. If he read this blog he would probably appreciate the shout out. :)


Jennelle said...

Don't get yourself down, you're doing great! And don't worry, on the day of the race if nothing else you'll have tons of adrenaline going so you'll definitely be able to run more/walk less.

P.S. The whole carrying-a-water-bottle thing keeps me from running outside very often, so kudos to you!

tiwa07 said...

What is going on that day? I haven't heard of any family stuff...

Julia said...

Remember that on race day, you will have lots of water stations set up all nicely for you....hence the entrance fee. So that won't be an issue.

And I still say you should not have a time goal in mind whatsoever. Maybe make it your goal to finish this time and don't worry about the amount of time you walk versus run. Seriously, your first big race should be all about the experience because no matter what, you'll want to improve upon your time in the future:)

Remember to have fun, Teresa! That is the whole point!