Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The conclusion you have been waiting for....

A few hours later I went to the gym and........

could tell right away that my shoes had been the problem. I was able to get out my long run doing my usual run/walk routine and even kept around my same time. Since the shoe replacement, I've had very little knee pain. I got a bit off schedule with my vacation thrown in there, but this week I am full speed ahead.

Even though I hated the knee pain, I am really glad that it happened because it made me realize how much I really do want to do this half marathon. I am still nervous and feel like I have a ton to do before it gets here, but it is all such an amazing journey.

Of, and side note.....between the time I accidentally put up my last post and now I decided to change my training plan. If you recall, I was using one of Hal Hidgon's plans. And while I think it is a great plan, I don't think it was right for me. Mostly because I know going in I will be doing a run/walk, and his plan is more for runners. I switched to a plan similar to this one by Jenny Hadfield.

Even though I was hesitant to switch training plans so close to the race I think the new plan will serve me much, much better. Only one month to go!!!!

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Julia said...

awesome! I'm so glad it helped. I swear, people really don't think much of their shoes until they get pain:)