Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ohhhh, Ebay....

In college I had a serious addiction to Ebay. I loved the hunt of going through 100s of items looking for the lowest price, finding a fabulous deal, and then stalking the item. I would schedule myself to be home when the auction ended so that 2 minutes before I could attempt to outbid the highest bidder. My competitive and frugal self would have a small victory party that was often more enjoyable then the actual ownership of the item I was buying.
Post college I really started watching my spending and paying back student loans/saving for my wedding so I cut myself off from Ebay. I still loved a good deal, but most of the stuff I was buying off of Ebay was things that could put on my wedding registry. Years later, Ebay was almost erased from my memory. Almost is the key word here.
In the last couple of weeks running outside I have been reminded of my love of roller skating. I have been running past skaters on Grants Trail and have thought, “Ohhh I want to skate again.” I had also been thinking about trying out for the local roller derby for quite some time, so finding a pair of cheap skates to start skating again is becoming a little bit of an obsession.
Right now I am stalking three different pairs that will have auctions ending in a matter of hours. The thrill of Ebay is back…gulp….


LC said...

Hahaha! I have never bought anything from ebay. I really don't even understand how it works!

Kristen said...

good luck! Participating in a roller derby sounds amazing!