Friday, February 27, 2009

Workout wish list

Ah, working I used to hate the idea of you, but now you are a friend rather than a foe (most days). Anyway, I am enjoying my workouts lately and it is starting to pay off for me. I don't want to get all mushy, and go into all my struggles/issues in the past, but I have decided that once I complete another goal I am going to totally splurge on something cool to aid in my workouts. I rarely splurge on myself. Wait, unless you consider the $5 Target slippers I bought the other day? :)

Here are some ideas:
An Ipod

I have a generic, no frills mp3 player. It is the third one I have acquired via gift or hand-me-down in the last year. Why the 3rd? Because the other two crapped out. I have bad luck with mp3's but would love to have an Ipod. And seriously, aren't I the last person on the earth that doesn't have one?
A Garmin or Garmin type thing:

I would love to be able to track my progress better and I think the Garmin would help. Plus, I just started Couch to 5k and hope to continue running. It's something I never thought I would be able to do but now I want to go for it!

A really good pair of shoes:

I actually need these regardless so maybe this option shouldn't count. My current shoes aren't going to make the cut very shortly. I am also going to have to get a few more workout clothing items because not only are my 6 year old sweats falling apart they are starting to get big.

So what does everybody think? Anything I missed that a die hard gym go-er should have?


Jennelle said...

Oooh, those are all good ideas! I desperately need new running shoes, but mine are going to have to do for awhile... Shoes are so expensive!

I treated myself to some workout gear from Target last weekend. Nothing like looking cute to make you want to work out!

emma o said...

i never thought i would get an ipod, but i did and it's adorable! it's a shuffle, which is all i really need, it's tiny and discreet, and only 50 bucks. check it out!

Margot Is Your Hero said...

I never wanted an iPod but my Dad bought me one a few years ago when the 2nd gen. Nano's came out, and although at first I was like - why? now I get the point. I use it mostly in the car, but when the weather is warm it comes with me when I bike, when I walk the boardwalk and I even have a special case for it when I kayak!

Scazar said...

I love my ipod, but I don't actually use it when I'm working out,when I do my cardio I just hook up my headphones to one of the tvs and when I do my weights I just listen to the piped in music.

But, I think you should get the ipod anyway because frankly they rock.

Julia said...

The running shoes are a MUST expense, even if they are pricey. You'll seriously hurt yourself otherwise.

I'd also suggest really nice non-cotton running socks. And of course, new moisture-wicking attire would always help.

Are you planning on staying indoors at the gym to do your workouts? Because if so, the Garmin is pretty tells you how far you've gone, calories burned, etc...which is awesome for OUTDOORs but not really needed on a treadmill. In fact, i doubt it would work since it's a GPS that measures your distance run, huh...interesting thought! I've never seen that one you posted, is it a newer model?

And I love my ipod shuffle for running outdoors. Im with the pp and really don't use it at the gym at all, though.

Congrats on loving working out! Get as mushy as you'd like:)

Ali said...

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! You have to get good shoes or you will break your foot like I did! No matter if you are running, walking, or just on the eliptical, you HAVE to get supportive shoes. And after that MUST, I would go for the iPod. I can't live without mine, especially on weight lifting days.

I'm so proud of you that you are starting to run!

Mary said...

Definitely splurge on the shoes! Next I would say an ipod. You can put podcasts, books, etc. on there and it helps to keep me motivated, at least. I don't have a Garmin; I just don't think it's necessary unless, like Julia said, you do a lot of ourdoor running on an unmarked path. I run at Forest Park and the path is marked. Somtimes I just start the timer on my cheap watch to check my time at each mile.