Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thursday

It looks like Random Thursday is becoming a semi-regular feature!

*I've had the craziest, most messed up days EVER at work. I will spare you the details (seriously, you don't want to know), but rest assured that all 3 bosses can never, EVER question my dedication to this company. I also managed to get them to agree to me having a half day tomorrow (for mental angiush) and expensing a bottle of red wine and new pair of yoga pants. Ok, so I probably won't take them up on the latter, but still.

*I ordered some new clothes from NY&CO that came last night....I wear their career clothes all the time, but had never tired their jeans. I got a clearance pair for $15 and I am really happy with them. Best part? I had to get them because all of my jeans were too big. They are a size smaller!! Woohoo!

*I get to spend the whole weekend with family and I am pumped. I get to see my sister who lives out of state and spend sometime with my family.

*I am working on posts about the cookbook and my cool tag/award....stay tuned.

*Anyone else watching Real Housewives of New York? I am already loving this season, after a disappointing end of the OC.

Everyone have a great day!!!!


Julia said...

I love all of the Real Housewives shows....but I only watch re-runs of the episodes anyway. I think I'll love NY.

Mary said...

I watched the NY episode last night. What a difference between them and the OC housewives. Can you imagine them all in a room together? What would they talk about? I have to admit that I like Alex the best even though they are social climbers. And I can't believe LuAnn talks about herself as the "countess" in the third person-"the countess doesn't drink out a beer bottle." Gag.

Leftturnyielder said...

Ah, love the NY "Housewives"!!

Maria said...

Love NY&CO stuff. And congrats on the smaller size...that is awesome!