Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Interview me

I love this new tag that is going around called Interview me. When I saw Rhonda had offered to send out questions...I jumped at the chance. I knew they would be great, thought provoking questions. I was right.

1. High school or college? Which was more fun and why?
That is kind of tough actually, I am am very fortunate to have great experiences from both. Ultimately though, I would have to say college. I learned more about life and even though I was living off campus and working constantly, I still managed to make a lot of time to see friends and just relax. In high school I loved performing and participating in clubs, but I always had a lot of people that didn't like me. I dressed differently and loved it. Actually what I wore back then (very 60s and 70s) would make me totally cool now.

2. We know you love to cook. Why are you passionate about food?
As crazy as it sounds I have never really thought about the why behind it. At 14 I was working at my Mom's restaurant/catering business and I always really enjoyed myself. In college I started cooking for friends and applying what I was taught by my mom. It was fun, I was good at it so it made sense to keep it up. I sharped my skills further after quitting a restaurant management job and taking an assistant chef position. I just think food is fun and it is something everyone has in common, so why not try and be good at it. Everyone has to eat right?

3. When did you know you first loved the man that is now your husband?
I didn't have a defining moment where the sunlight crowned upon Nathan's face and I knew he was "the one." Nathan is like a fungus, he just grows on you.

4. Who would you most like to make dinner for and what would you make them?
I would love to make someones last meal, but that is a freaking lot of pressure. I think I would cook for Julie Powell. She spend a year cooking like Julia Child and I think she would understand if I messed up. I would make her soup and homemade bread because those are the two most comforting foods in the world.

5. What is your dream job?
I really have a ton of dream jobs. I would love to utilize my presentation skills as an Admissions rep (for a community college), public speaker or doing food demos. If I could figure out something non food to sell on Etsy that could allow me to work at home I would die of happiness. Or if I could build a sustainable kitchen on our side lot I would totally do an online gourmet food business. Working from home is really a dream of mine....I would just love to not have to drive to work (I hate driving) and be able to have all the conveniences of home one a daily basis, plus cute doggies to keep me company!

Thanks for the questions Rhonda!!

Now it's your turn! If you would like me to interview you, just post it on the comment section or email me at teresacooks @ gmail dot com


beth.caldwell said...

"nathan is like a fungus"


Margot Is Your Hero said...

I'd be up for the interview! And I love the question about who you'd cook dinner for - I'd love to cook for Julia Child.

Jamie said...

INTERVIEW ME!!! Except no questions about why I don't blog so much. You never know. This could re-ignite the flame. :)

Jennelle said...

I love that you compared your hubby to fungus. :)

N. said...

This is fun... I'm in!