Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 things

I was tagged on the lovely Facebook to post 25 random things about myself. Since I am too lazy to follow directions on how to repost, and I really don’t like tagging people, I just decided to post here on my oh so lovely blog.

25 Random things about me:
1. While I wish I was more fashionable, I don’t really want to put in the energy or money to make myself that way.
2. If I could look like any celebrity it would be Katy Perry, I love her cute pin up girl style.
3. I make an effort to tell people when it looks they have lost weight because it bugs me when I shed a few pounds that I see obviously and no one says anything.
4. My aunt is getting married in May and my mother and I are catering the dinner and baking mini heart wedding cakes. I think catering her wedding is going to be one of the highlights of my summer.
5. I often take my extended family for granted, which is terrible because I seriously have the greatest family ever.
6. It makes me very happy when people subscribe to my blog and leave comments.
7. I am kind of a hypocrite because I rarely leave others blog comments, but I am trying to get better.
8. I could drink iced coffee all day even when it is freezing outside.
9. Waiting for Nathan to get home so we can go to the gym together is seriously what makes me lose my motivation.
10. I hate it when the gym is crowded.
11. I can always tell when I am stressed because I start inverting numbers.
12. I am not feeling the effects of the recession much at all. I know I am lucky for this.
13. My perfect day would be drinking wine with friends (and Nathan) on a porch with a gorgeous view and nice weather.
14. If I never had to drive my car ever again I wouldn’t be upset because I hate driving.
15. I eat yogurt and veggie burgers almost daily.
16. While baking bread relaxes me, making cheese tends to stress me out.
17. I like drinking apple juice and sweet vermouth. It sounds gross but don’t knock it until you try it!
18. I almost never use chap stick.
19. My office is always cold.
20. I love to cook for friends.
21. I am going on a girl’s trip this summer to a beach and I am so freaking excited.
22. I eat hot sauce on so much stuff I probably have destroyed all my insides.
23. I really need to do a blog makeover but am wondering if I have the patience for such a task.
24. I am more OCD then I let on.
25. I think I am slowly becoming a hippie.


Kristal said...

LOL at #25. I'm right there with ya girl. Seriously, when I talk to people about composting and starting a garden and my reusable bags and natural child birth and cloth diapers, I typically get looks like I have two heads. Which, actually now that I think of it, you may know something about. :)

And #17 - I take it you've tried it a few more times?

Teresa said...

Lol, I do have two headed expertise!!

And yes, the apple juice with sweet vermouth has been tried again...still good. :)

mxq said...

you are funny! i totally agree with 3 and 13.

Nicole said...

How cool about catering your Aunts Wedding! I smell some great blog posts in a few months!

About #3... for some reason I am completely inept at judging weight or noticing people's weight. Like, I could never even begin to guess how much someone weighs... I just can't wrap my mind around it. As a result I feel like a big idiot because I'm not as perceptive to notice when someone's lost (or even gained) weight. Strange, huh?

Margot Is Your Hero said...

I'm with you on #3! I hate it when I lose weight and no one says anything, so I always try to say it to others.

Angie said...

I'm totally with you on #1. I am so not fashionable but wish I was more stylish. I just don't wanna spend the money and I feel like they don't make that much cute stuff in my size.
I love Katy Perry, she was just interviewed on Chelsea Lately and she was so cute.
I love iced coffee too, it fricken rocks.
My office is always cold too. meh.
Great post tho you hippie chick!