Monday, September 29, 2008

Life is good

There are several reasons why life is good:

1. One of my favorite little towns within driving distance is getting another winery and brewery. Grafton Winery and Brewhaus is scheduled to open sometime next month and I could not be more excited. We already love visiting the Piasa and Aeries Wineries, not to mention one of my favorite restaurants of all time, the Rotten Apple. (home of the best homemade sweet potato chips ever!) As soon as I hear the opening date I am going to try and get a group together and plan a visit!

2. I was apparently light years ahead of my time when it came to my fashion sense. Because one of the hot new trends for fall fashion is freaking wing tips!!! I have been wearing mine since college and absolutely love them. When I was in DSW and saw several different styles and I am seriously thinking about adjusting the October budget and getting a new (dresser) pair.

3. Nathan and I had a very fun filled weekend. We got to see some friends and play Rock Band for the first time ever, spend some much needed time outside, and did plenty of relaxing/lounging around the house. Speaking of weekends, this weekend is going to be the bomb. Nathan and I are heading down to my hometown for our annual October winery day with friends. We always have a blast, eat way too much, and sometimes some of us overindulge in the wine just a little. :) My hometown group is tight, but we seem to be growing apart a little bit, so this will be a good weekend to catch up.

Just a few reasons why life is good!


Nicole said...

Ooooooo I freaking LOVE Grafton... one of our favorite places for a not-too-far getaway! The view from Aeries winery is simply breathtaking. The cottages up there are awesome as well... we stayed in one a year or two ago and tried to make reservations for one this year but they are entirely booked the next two months! BUMMER! Another restaurant up there, The Mississippi Half Step is UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS! You would really enjoy it!

Ok, now I am dying to go to Grafton!

Julia said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, Teresa. Your upcoming weekend sounds a lot more fun than mine...a winery sounds like paradise right now:)

Maria said...

Enjoy every minute of it! :-)