Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The project

Since March or April I have been working on this giant project at work. I mean this project was huge, massive, gigantic, whatever. My company started doing weekly inventory and instead of continuing to use our somewhat inaccurate Excel spreadsheet system, a web based system was developed that updated prices for roughly 90% of our inventory automatically.

Cool, right? Yes, it is cool. It is cool after you get it setup up. So for the past several months I have been working lots of hours each week inputting all of our inventory. All twenty six pages of items. 26 pages worth of checking order numbers, quantities, past invoices, and even if the products we had on the inventory were even still available to buy. Then each item had to be assigned an area and put in the order in which it appears in that area.

While the project didn't start out to bad, by yesterday I decided that it truly was hell on earth and that I was never going to be the same. I truly think I lost a little bit of my sanity. And yesterday I made the statement that if I didn't finish it today I might have to slap someone in the face just to relieve some stress.

About 10 minutes before I completed the inventory I started getting chest pains. I don't know if it was anxiety, nerves, or just plain being excited, but they were there. It was crazy.

As soon as I finished, saved, and hit print I walked into Boss #1's office. Clutched in my hands I said,
"It's done, oh my God, I can't believe it's done."
Boss #1 immediately fired back with, "Well, good job."
"Um, no wait, stop and think about this and be a little more sincere...."
"Oh, Teresa I am......."
"No, no, you aren't fully getting that I just completed this. It took me 6 freaking months! Sure, we will probably have to fix a few things this week after we try it out, but it is done! So don't give me some half assed "good job". Stop for just a moment and think about that, just....just think about it."
By this time, Boss #1 is laughing hysterically. He and I have a really good relationship, and I am constantly putting him in his place or at least trying to. Once he stopped laughing he said,
"Ok, ok, I get it. I sincerely am happy that it is complete and you did a great job."

The agenda for the rest of the evening is to drink sparkeltini and have my own little celebration.


Juan & Katie said...

I bet it feels so good to be done with that. Shoot, it lasted almost as long as planning a wedding! Congrats! Enjoy the sparkeltini...you deserve it!! :)

Maria said...

Congratulations Teresa! What a weight off your shoulders!!!