Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ode to August

I think this past month was one of the greatest of my life.....seriously. Let's recap the events of August:

*I started working out again and even though the scale didn't show it, I felt myself getting more tone.

*I rediscovered my love of making homemade bread and how it delighted those that ate it.

*I had some kick ass short work days.

*Every weekend was fun, I saw so many of my friends.

*Even with slightly going over our budget, I/we still put almost $1000 towards CC debt.

*I branched out and read some great books, which not helped me rediscover my love of reading, but I also gained a lot from them.

*I stopped stressing when my Google Reader went over 10 posts. ;)

*I experienced one of the greatest and most memorable weekends with my husband.

In general, I just stop coasting through life. This year had been really stressful after I had gotten my promotion at work, and looking back I realize I had myself on "Auto Pilot". Now I feel like I am handling stress better, so there is a little more time to do more focusing on the good stuff of life.

Even with August being so great, I think September may top it. I already know I will be seeing lots of family and friends and continuing to work towards having little stress.

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Jamie said...

Ohhh....this makes me so happy for you :) Your best, my worst...haha...but yay for good times. You deserved every minute of it - and more!!