Monday, September 8, 2008

No commitments

It seems like life is just getting a little hectic. Last week I was crazy busy at work and Nathan and I did nothing this weekend but run from place to place. While we had a blast because we saw a lot of family, hung out with a good friend, and tasted some great wines, I am exhausted and the house is not in good shape.

So I am going to try and make this what I call a "no commitment" week (ok, realistically this will only last until Friday afternoon). Where all I am really obligated to do is go to work and if I get little besides that accomplished it is not a big deal. While there is a ton to do around the house and about 5 million errands to run, I just don't want to stress myself out. Sometimes accomplishing so much is actually counter productive because I end up stressing myself out and not getting any rest. Plus, I have a big weekend ahead of me and I refuse to be all tired and not enjoy it.


Jenn said...

Good idea - but your ass betta be ready to PAR-TEEE come Saturday night ;)

LucyinStLou said...

It was fun to run into you on Saturday!

mxq said...

i have to do this myself. i honestly enjoy being "on the go" but sometimes i feel like i'm running myself into the ground and i have to force myself to not slow down but completely stop altogether. it helps and you'll feel so much better when you catch up on your rest.