Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas tag

Jen from Eggs over Medium passed on a Christmas traditions tag.

Ok, I don't have very many, but I am bored so I will play along....
Lets see...Teresa's Christmas traditions. Well, growing up I don't recall very many besides the usual. Mass, convincing my parents to let me open presents on Christmas eve, and putting up the tree with my parents (and sometimes sisters) always making sure my favorites were put up.

In the past few years of being married, Nathan and I have started a few of our own. We usually stay the night at his parent's house after going to a family gather and Mass. We wake up on Christmas day and celebrate with his parents and sister by opening presents and eat this crazy cinnamon bread concoction that his Dad makes every year. We then head South to see my family.
While that doesn't seem too exciting, we are both blessed to have wonderful families. I would say this is especially true for my mom's side of the family. Growing up she was very close with her sisters and brothers, so we are really tight knit, and very drama free.
Merry Christmas everyone!