Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Thursday

I had one, "Do it!" and no opposition, so here is the Random Thursday post:

1. I am sooo close to cutting our cable. Our rate went up, and honestly I am sick of paying for a service that I know cost 1/8 (if not lower) for what we pay for it. But since I am a TV addict, I still need something to keep up on my favorite shows. So my smart husband is buying a couple different cables to hook our computer up to our tv, so we can watch our addictive shows online for free. Plus, I have a feeling we will then be hitting up the gym more, since each machine has it's own TV with cable. And while that last statement is pretty pathetic, it is totally true.

2. I just found out I won't be getting the glorious 2 weeks paid time off that most of the managers in my district receive. I am going to have to work a few days before Christmas and mostly likely a few days prior to New Years. It sucks, but I am still thankful for the other days I will have off.

3. On my blog agenda is a post called 29 in 09. I love the idea of doing the 101 things in 1001 days, but I am having hard enough time with coming up with over 20! Plus, I like having a shorter time frame for some reason. So far the list is dominated by food and sustainability goals.

4. Pamela taught me how to make butter last night. It was yummy I took a video of some of the process on my cell phone, but I have yet to see if it is good enough quality to post.

5. I am so over winter already.


sarah said...

Ditto winter. It sucks.

Sorry about your lack of time off - two solid weeks would have been amazing. I really miss college when we had a month or so off for the holidays. That was awesome. Being an adult kinda sucks.

Jamie said... I smell bread n butta for 12/12???

Anonymous said...

#1 - Do it. We cut our cable over the summer and I really don't miss it. There is one show I watch religiously on the computer, but cable is seriously not worth it.

#2 - That is exactly the kind of thing that would make me say screw it, I quit. That really sucks. :( No fair.

Teresa said...


It sucks, but it isn't too big of a deal for me, they will be easy half days and I negotiating getting a few days off in January.

Yes, yes, 12/12 you will have bread and butter!

Amy said...

mmmm homemade bread and butter?

and i have been over winter since before it started. i heard on the news that this is the coldest winter we've had in a long time. booo!

mxq said...

Wuck Finter!

i'm really sure that video is not worth posting...

Julia said...

I would just like you to know that it was 9 degrees outside when I drove to work. -4 with the windchill. Consider yourself lucky to see the grass still, instead of freaking snow everywhere.

Maria said...

I'm having trouble coming up with 101 things in 1001 days too. I made it up to 60 so far. I do like your idea of 29 in 2009!

Sarah said...

Call them! We call every time our bill changes and say we want to cancel. Then the cable company gives us a lower rate. We really were going to cancel at first, but we have our internet from them too.

Anonymous said...

Definitely call the cable company. If you call to cancel, they will put you through to the retention department, and they will give you everything they can to try to keep you. Our bill went up and we called and got it even lower than it was before the rate hike. Good luck!