Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Mega post about the weekend

I did promise an update and even though its late, I always fulfill a promise.

My meeting Friday went pretty well. Not perfect by any means, but things are good. My client is very happy with me, the food, and the overall service. The big problem is the cost. Although our program is very reasonable, this school recently had some cut funding and so we are going to try and accommodate by doing a few things differently.

Boss #2 and #3 were both there and were pleased with the meeting as well. We went to lunch afterwards and both of them mentioned how extremely pleased they were with the relationship I had built with this client. They could tell just by our interaction that I had really been doing some good customer service.

After lunch I really didn't do much besides go back and fill in Boss #1 and get ready for my friend Cathy's wedding. It was a ton of fun. I was kind of the unofficial wedding coordinator. She and her family kept saying over and over how much they appreciated my help and I love that!

The reception was a blast.I got to see friends I don't see very often and a few new friends that I now love, love hanging out with. I also I got a ton of compliments on my new shoes....

....including "Teresa, those are pimp!" LOL, thanks Billy! A very high heel for me and surprisingly I managed to do a little swing dancing with Nathan and not fall on my face while wearing these beauties. In fact, even with the amount of hard liquor I consumed I still didn't trip once. Woohoo for that!

Saturday Nathan and I were going to do housework but instead we decided to make it a lazy weekend. We watched movies and lounged around. Sunday we had breakfast out and grabbed a few essentials from Trader Joes. Then somehow we got roped into a last minute trip to the the Meramec river. I am so glad we did this because it was of so relaxing. I swam a decent part of the trip, which was amazing exercise.

Monday was pretty normal, I just missed the weekend.

But, Tuesday, oh Tuesday was a bitch. Long story short I pretty much lost it at work. I get in and the place where the vending money is locked overnight was unlocked and there was no money to be found. Another fing case of theft...and the biggest one, I figured it was probably between $1500 to $2000 bucks.

I lost it. I was completely hysterical. I was breathing hard, crying, and felt totally out of it. A few co-workers tried to calm me, but I was going insane. Well, to make a long story short, the money wasn't stolen. It wasn't in the right place for a good reason and I found it shortly after my "episode".


I felt better, but that ended several hours later when I found out my grandfather has colon cancer. It hasn't spread and it is operable, but I am still freaked. I don't know too much more yet, but will be sure to keep everyone updated!


Aimee said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather, Teresa. I hope they're able to operate and he's ok!

Julia said...

I'm glad you are hanging in there and I hope your Gramps comes out of surgery like a champ.

Trisha said...

Sweet shoes, I would have definitely fallen and broken something though! ha

I'm so sorry to hear about Grandpa! I'm sure, with as strong as he is, that he is going to pull through this!

Mary said...

I can't believe there was another theft! And that's A LOT of money. Well, at least you have your cute shoes to smile about:)