Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just wanted to discuss a little bit about a comment one of my readers left on my last blog. The fabulous Jamie wrote, "Do you know what I love best about your blog? That when I read it, I can actually HEAR you saying it. I love that!!!!"

Well, thanks, Jamie, I take that as a big compliment! Really, I do. I spend (what I would consider) a decent bulk of time keeping my blog "animated" like myself. I really want what I am writing to be able to pop off the page and tell a story just like I would in person. I do *try* to have as much correct grammar as I can, but I know sometimes I fall really short on that. Sorry, but this blog is definitely not perfect because I am definitely not perfect. Although I think most of my readers have embraced my imperfection and laugh with me rather than at me. And hopefully the best is still yet to come on this blog!

I also want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my good friend that just started blogspot blog. He previously had a great myspace blog, but has decided to make his way over to the wonderful site that is blogspot.

I don't know about my other readers, but for some reason on Google Reader I have more blogs written by women than men, so I am looking forward to reading some new perspectives. I won't keep you in suspense any longer, you can find it here. Be forewarned, I am sure you are in for a lot of strong political opinions and world views. I certainly don't always agree with them, but I thinking it is always healthy to see every side to an issue.

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Jamie said...

Yay!! I've been told its the sign of a good writer if their written words sound like the words that are coming out of their mouths!!