Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 movies I am ashamed to love

I recently saw a few bloggers do this whole "5 songs I am ashamed to love" post. I love the idea, but wanted to change it up a little.

So now presenting the 5 movies Teresa is ashamed to LOVE:

1. "Mannequin"

There is freaking cheese dripping off this movie, but who doesn't love a young Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy in his prime!?! Really, it's got everything: romance, comedy, action (remember "the chase" at the end?), an over the top gay man, and a freaking adorable dog named Rambo.

2. "Saved!"

Every time this movie is on cable I just have to watch it and I LOL every single time. I am not a huge Mandy Moore fan, but she and the entire cast make "Saved!" awesome.

3. "Night of the Living Dead" or pretty much any zombie movie

Anyone that knows me well knows I have this crazy weird obsession with zombie movies. While they scare the bejesus out of me I still love love them. "Night of the Living Dead" is not even my favorite though...."Shaun of the Dead" is, but I am totally not ashamed to admit I love that movie, its freaking awesome!

4. "American Psycho"

"American Psycho" is one of those movies I will never 100% understand, but I think it is a pretty brilliant film. The music in it is great. One of my favorite parts is when Christian Bale is explaining "Hip to Be Square" while Huey Lewis and the News is playing it in the background. A very graphic film, but I still love it.

5. The Dark Knight

Ok, so I haven't actually seen "The Dark Knight" yet...(24 days to go!) but I know I am going to absolutely love it. From everything I have read about Heath Ledger's performance it is going to be an amazing addition to the already awesome Batman collection which I love.


Mary said...

I loved Mannequin back in the day! I totally idolized Emmy. I have a soft spot for Saved too because Jason and I saw that on one of our first dates.

And I will watch anything with Chrstian Bale. I cannot wait for The Dark Knight. Did you know he's going to be in the next Terminator trilogy?

Amanda said...

I freaking love Mannequin! I even liked Mannequin 2 though I am ashamed to admit that. I absolutely cannot wait to see The Dark Knight! No one wants to go see it with me though. I love love love the Batman movies...all of them.

Trisha said...

Mannequin is one that I'm going to have to watch. Someone was talking about it at work the other day and I had to admit that I had never seen it! ha

sarah said...

I am right there with you on Mannequin...I LOVE THAT MOVIE! To this day, when I think I look particularly fabulous, I snap and say "HollyWOOOOOOOOD!" Love it.

Carrie said...

Don't be ashamed of Saved! I freaking love that movie!!

[As she throws her Bible violently at another person]: "I am FULL of Christ's love!!!"

emma o said...

i second carrie's comment, there is NO shame in saved. it's freaking fantastic.

Scazar said...

I didn't know you liked American Psycho. I can do a perfect Patrick Bateman voice, I shall have to demonstrate for you at a later date.