Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Blogging (among other things) seems to be an incredibly difficult task lately. I have a lot on my mind with work and personal stuff, and while it isn't anything major, these things still seem to occupy my mind.

So today I ask you, readers, to tell me about how you handle stress. Because it is obvious to me that I am not a good stress hander. I knew this before and thought I was getting better but it seems like all of my progress has stopped, so feel free to post some suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your responses!


LucyinStLou said...

A walk, a glass of wine, comfort food (better if made at home in my flannel pjs), mindless TV, and the unshakeable knowledge that this too shall pass.

Jenn said...

VODKA! Kidding...ok, well maybe I'm being serious!

Carrie said...

I yell at my husband. But, that might not be the best approach ;)

Work out. Watch TV and not allow anyone to talk to me. Go out drinking. Nap. Hold my puppy. Hang out with Teresa and Jenn (who happens to be drunk off her ass on vodka).

Mary said...

I'm sorry you're feeling stressed. Exercise is my #1 stress reliever, which includes both running and walking the dog. Actually, doing anything with or even thinking about my pup improves my mood:) I also try to get a good night's sleep most nights, which means at least seven hours, but it would be nine in a perfect world. Sometimes I sacrifice sleep for exercise though. Wine is good.

sarah said...

I am so horrible with handling stress. I generally just cry, which helps nothing. But exercise helps when I'm motivated enough to do it. Hanging out with my dog is awesome therapy, and so is grooming for whatever reason.

Other than that, I eat and drink. We see where that has gotten me. :)

Jamie said... sorry you're stressed :(

I tend to clean when I'm stressed...I like to be alone to decompress. Also, like the others have mentioned, wine helps.

It kind of seems like a lot of people are stressed lately...hope it passes sooner than later for you.

Eden said...

I'm sorry you're so stressed. =/

What helps me is a combination of reading, sleeping and making a list of my stressors and dates that they will be resolved.

Claire said...

Exercise SHOULD be my main way of handling stress, but to be honest, that thought adds more stress, so let's not go there.

I'm with Lucy 100%, but add hanging out with the dogs & it's even better. Vodka's good, too (I don't think Jenn's kidding).

Stress sucks -- usually I don't have a problem with it, but lately, I've been feeling it. Ugh. It'll pass, I swear.

Maria said...

Exercise really does help. And wine too! I hope the stress subsides soon Teresa.

Scazar said...

I generally handle stress by not giving a shit ; p