Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mish Mash

Oh, lots to update....

I ran my second half marathon yesterday. For some reason, I was super nervous. Even more nervous than when I ran my first half. I think the main reason was because I went into this one with pretty high expectations. I felt like I had to beat my previous time. Correction.... I felt like I had to smash my last time of 3:01:20. Well, I don't quite feel like I smashed it, but I am happy with my 2:54:31. The hills on the course were INSANE, and I had no idea they would be that bad. Good practice for the full marathon for sure, since I have always been concerned about the hills.

The last couple of weeks, I had been having some foot and leg pain. The side of my foot had been on and off uncomfortable ever since my 10 mile run on the treadmill. And my legs had felt tired and heavy for a week. I was really worried that I was in the midst of a something serious. But I was equally as nervous to back off of training to try and take care of the issue. Luckily neither were an issue this weekend. My legs are a bit sore today, but my foot pain is almost nonexistent.

I also didn't feel like I was mentally prepared for this one. I have talked before about how I don't like to talk about work on my blog, but now it seems almost unavoidable. I found out this week that my position is going to be eliminated in somewhere between 45 to 90 days. While I am upset about the news, having the heads up is a big relief. Also, my company is going to be looking for a different place to put me (of course, no guarantees), but they were kind enough to let me know that if I wanted to start pursuing other positions outside the company they understood.

So I am now actively looking for a new job in what is probably one of the worst times to be looking for one. I am a tad freaked, but again the heads up is nice. I am just going to take it one day at a time and stay positive.

Just so I don't end this on a sad note, I had the absolute best Sunday. Slept in, did some major cleaning, and enjoyed a couple beers and a Sybergs Famous Salad. I sat back and realized I ran another half marathon yesterday. How cool is that!?!


Angie said...

I am so sorry that you're going to be out of a job. I may be wrong but I got them impression that even tho your job was demanding that you were good at it and somewhat enjoyed it. I think you'd be a great asset to any company, and I seriously wish you the best in your job search!

Mrs. Hibit said...

First, congrats on the half and the new PR!
So sorry to read about your job situation. I also spent some time on the job market in the past year - and while it was not easy, it has definitely worked out for the best. You will undoubtedly land on your feet, at the job where you're meant to be!
It was during my job search that I decided to run my first marathon. It really helps to have other goals to work toward - things you can control in the midst of uncertainty. You are well on your way to that marathon! Keep your head up!

Jennelle said...

Congrats on the half, Teresa! And UNDER 3 hours? You freakin' rock. :)

I'm sorry about the job; I hope they can find another position for you. On the bright side--I truly hope you find a job you love!

Amy said...

Im sorry about the girl! Maybe, like jennelle said, it's a blessing in disguise!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Woohoo! You rock on the half marathon...way more than I could ever do! Good luck with the job search...I'll keep you in my thoughts.

LC said...

Oh man! I was so excited about your half marathon that I didn't see the part about your job. I am so sorry to hear that and I will keep my ears open about jobs for you.

meredith said...

congrats about the half marathon - that's awesome!!!

and stay positive about the job... doors may open when you least expect it! :) you seem to have the right attitude.