Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another week done!

I am so happy to report that another week of Marathon training is done! This week was definitely the hardest thus far with my total mileage being 21 miles! 21!!!

I can easily say this week had the most difficult long run I've ever done. Because of a negative wind chill on Saturday I chose to do my long run at the gym on the treadmill. I can deal with the treadmill for short runs or kinda long runs of 5-6 miles, but 10 miles is a completely different story. Besides, from Tuesday on I wasn't feeling 100% and I was feeling really nauseous on my runs. Not an ideal combo for sure.

I started the run and managed to keep the first 5 miles at my goal long run pace (13 minute mile) I didn't break intervals once...after that I started feeling not so fab. The gym was on the warm side and I was having some cold sweats while I was burning up. Miles 6 and 7 were a tad slower, but after mile 7 I felt like a train wreck. I had to break intervals and slow my pace, which is a bad combo. I picked up a bit towards the end and did a few sprints like I always try to do, but I didn't have near the energy I normally do.

(This next paragraph is a tad TMI...skip on if needed)

I got off the treadmill and I was soaked. Easily more soaked then when I ran the Half Marathon outside in mid September, and I was wearing the exact same outfit! I had so much sweat dripping down my legs it looked like I had peed all over myself. This has totally happened to me before but I don't think it has ever been so heavy.

But I was done...THANK GOD. I was devastated at my performance. I met up with Nathan just as he was completing his 26 miles on the bike (go Nathan!!!) and I started explaining to him my run. I went from a not devastated place to a mixed feeling place which I am still experiencing.

Here's the deal, for some reason, in my mind I feel like I need to do the marathon in as close to a 13 minute mile pace that I possibly can. Now, I know what all you runners are going to say, that the goal of the first Marathon is to finish. Yes, I get that. But unfortunately, when the race you are running has a 13:45 cut off pace, you have to be concerned about when you are going to finish. Plus, I think that regardless, 99% of Marathon runners give themselves a time goal. I came up with mine because doing a 13 minute mile has enough of a buffer that if something does go wrong like a side stitch or something, I have enough time to pace through it. So if I can't manage the 13 minute mile pace for a 10 mile run, I see a problem. Plus, I didn't even run any hills!

Of course, I do always try to focus on the positive and I certainly see the upside. 10 miles on the treadmill is some tough stuff. And not every run is going to be perfect, so I need to cut myself some freaking slack. My average pace was about 13:30, so I guess you could say it wasn't terrible considering I felt "off" all week.

I guess the jury is still out on this one....


Anonymous said...

Teresa, great job on running a long run on a TREADMILL! I get a little nuts doing 3 or 4 miles, much less 10.

Don't get too worried about pace right now. My long run pace is usually 2-3 minutes slower than my race pace. I train at 12-13 minute miles and usually run 10-11 minute miles at races. You are building your aerobic capacity by running 13 minute miles and will be able to go faster during the actual marathon. I promise!

I hope to do my first marathon in October, hopefully in Chicago (I live in Dallas). I would like to say my goal is to finish, but I bet you $5 bucks I'll have a time goal too, lol. :)

Love your blog!

Jennelle said...

Treadmill running is WAY harder, and it sucks to be in a warm gym--don't beat yourself up over one less-than-perfect run! You are doing GREAT!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I'm impressed that you ran 10 miles...on a treadmill...when you weren't feeling good! That is freakin' awesome!

Anonymous said...

I disagree - the jury is not out. I think the combo of not feeling great and running on the treadmill just threw you off. Not only that, but a 13:30 mile is still really good and really close to your goal, especially considering you are only 5 (6?) weeks into your training.

I'm not just saying all that to make you feel better either - I really do think it was just an off day/off run and you'll be fine next week on your long run. Plus, the weather is gonna warm up and you'll get the chance to run outside. :)

Anonymous said...
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