Monday, March 9, 2009

The weekend

My productive Friday lead to a very unproductive weekend unfortunately.

What I should have done:
Made tomato sauces to freeze.
Made cheese for stuffed meatballs and a variation of a pasta dish I am making this week.
Finalize at least one recipe for the cookbook.

What I actually did:
Watch movies.
Lie on our super comfy, “new to us” mattress with Roxie and Lila.
Went out and drank a few glasses of wine and a few martinis.
Fell slightly short on the first workout of Week 3 of C25K.
Went to Fleet Feet and spent $120 dollars on new running shoes and socks.
Put a ton of apps and workout songs on my Iphone.
Made a big batch of homemade dog food for Roxie.

I shouldn’t complain because I am sure that deep down I needed a super lazy weekend and I think it has revived me to get a few things done this week. I am hoping to convince Nathan to help me buy the materials for our raised veggie garden bed this weekend. I want to build it myself but I know I am going to need his help with some of the materials. Then my biggest problem will just be figuring out what to plant besides the virtually no fail tomatoes. I see a library trip for many gardening books in my near future.


Maria said...

I think everyone needs a lazy day now and then. It's a great way to recharge. Good for you!!

Jennelle said...

It does feel good to be lazy... But it sounds like you still got some things accomplished!

Claire said...

You're far more active than I am...if I have a day or 2 at the house, I rarely do a thing!!

Leftturnyielder said...

Uh, that was a lazy weekend? You make me look bad.

I need to talk to you about this raised veggie garden. I would love to do one since we rent and our yard is a mess. Where did you find the info on making it? Also, do you know how soon I would have to have it planted? Ok, I'll just email you.