Monday, July 14, 2008

My vacation

Today I am recovering from my short vacation to Phoenix. It was a really great trip because I got to spend some time with Nathan and my family and celebrate my oldest sister's 30th birthday. Unfortunately, the ONE thing I was really looking forward to didn't happen. I didn't get a tan. :( Terrible isn't it? I spend four days in one of the sunniest, hottest cities in the US and my legs are still look like they belong to an Albino. (No offense to any Albino readers).

However, I know most of you will be shocked to know that I actually took some pictures! Gasp! And the weren't with my cell phone camera! Whoa! I know some of you probably just fainted. As a surprise Nathan got my old (but nice) film camera up and running just in time for the trip. So as soon as I can get some pictures on CD I will be sure to post them with some highlights of the trip.

On a crazier note, this is post 99 and I'm still taking suggestions on what to do for post 100. A devoted reader suggested I do 100 Teresa drink recipes. Um, yeah, while I have a ton of cocktails up my sleeve I think 100 might be pushing it, but I appreciate the creative thinking.


Jamie said...

So glad you're getting back up to date with the blogging world! And you even made it over my little part of that world! Geez, I'm so honored :)

Can't wait for pics of your trip!

Teresa said...


I do believe you were the first blog I hit on my commenting frenzy. I hit about 75% of the blogs I needed to commment on and then I just had to take a rest.

Jenn said...

Welcome home!! And like Jamie - I feel so honored to have comments from you :)