Monday, July 14, 2008

False alarm

This is actually post 99, I didn't realize I had a blank draft to delete.

I am happy to report I have made it through about 75% of my regular blogs leaving comments. After about an hour I just had to quit. I think A-P blog titles got hit for the most part.

Oh, and yesterday at brunch in Phoneix I discovered one of the greatest drinks ever, a Mojo Chai. A chai latte with a shot of espresso and a little vanilla syrup. I just finished partaking in a homemade one and mmmmm it was good. Now why did I never think of that? I love chai lattes and vanilla lattes, why not put the two togther? I am offically hooked.


Julia said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging and commenting! You've been missed. I say go nuts on post 100. Not sure what I mean by that, but go for it!

Kristal said...

NOOO!!! You're ruining my blessed chai with wretched coffee!!