Tuesday, July 15, 2008

100 posts!

I don't know why I feel like this is such an accomplishment, but it is sooo hard for me to believe that this is post 100! So, I would like to thank the academy, God....well, I think you know the rest.

After much in decision I decided to steal another bloggers idea and ask my readers to introduce themselves. Not only will it make me happy that people actually read my blog, but it will hopefully introduce me (and others) to some other blogs that I am not reading.

So please, introduced yourself in any manner you see fit. I would love to know your name, blog, city/area of current residence and how you stumbled upon my blog. Oh and just for shits and giggles maybe tell me one random thing about yourself? But again, any manner you see fit is just fine. :) I am very excited to read some comments!!!!


Kristal said...

Happy 100!

Kristal, St. Louis, goodfoodgoodfriendsgoodlife.blogspot.com, found your blog through STLWed. ;)

Random fact: My favorite word is coin. I like the way it sounds when you say it. Coin. Coin. Coin.

Julia said...

Whose idea was this? :)

Julia, in Milwaukee [where it is HEAVENLY this time of year]. My blog is My Life In Transition.

You were one of my loyal commenters and then one day, I noticed that your name was linked! You had a blog, too!

Fact: hmmm, well I have 100 of them on my blog. But the weirdest one is that I HATE HATE HATE caddy corner furniture arrangements. If I see a bed coming out of a corner I dry heave. True story.

Happy 100!

Jennelle said...

Jennelle, St. Louis, jennellesadventures.blogspot.com, and I somehow found you through stlwed.com. Either directly, or through someone else's blog...

Random fact? I'm told I look like Amanda Bynes. All the time. I kind of see it. :)

Lauren said...

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a blogaholic...and obviously a dork, right. My blog is Live, Laugh, Love and I live in St. Louis. I found our blog through Stlwed and I just quit biting my finger nails! Oh...and I am going to steal this idea too!!!

Teresa said...

Yay, four so quick!

Lauren, I so wish I could stop biting my finger nails, it is a really terrible habit I would love to break! Oh and feel free to steal this idea since I stole it from someone else!

Jenelle, I didn't know you were reading so welcome!!! I totally thought you looked like Amanda B from your photo!

Julia, yes, yes it was your idea that I stole. I am so happy to have you as such a dedicated reader. And although I read that post I didn't recall the furniture thing.

Kristal, I vow that now when I see you I am going to randomly fit the word coin into conversation. Hehe

Yara said...

Hello dear Teresa, this is Yara, Happy 100!!!

My blog is http://stlfrenchie.blogspot.com/

I have found you via STLWed

Funny fact about me: I hate when different types of food touch on my plate. THEY MUST NOT TOUCH. MUST NOT. I am weird, I know.

Teresa said...

Oh my sweet Yara! Thank you for your continuted reading. As far as your fun fact I know lots of people that cannot have food touching (maybe that will put your mind at ease?)...my husband is one of them but I am trying to break him of that habit!

Cecilia said...

My name is Cecilia. My blog is called mountains-molehills-moments. I live in good ol' Festus. I found your blog through stlwed.com. My random fact: posting blog comments makes me nervous.

Teresa said...

Cecila, I am sooo glad you left me your blog address because it is a new one to add! I am glad you overcame your fear of blog commenting, that makes me feel very special! Thanks for reading!

Jen said...

Jen, St. Louis, eggsovermedium.blogspot.com. I probably found your blog through a comment on mine, or stalking someone else's! My random fact: I still have a Popple :)

Beckie said...
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Beckie said...

My name is Beckie, I live in St. Louis, but from Chicago, oh how I miss it!

I have met you and found your blog via stlwed.

I love, love, love klotchkies and pierogies but cannot find them here.

And also, I hate wooden utensils, wooden tongue thingies and wooden sticks for ice cream and popsicles, the give me the heebie jeebies!

Cheryl said...

Hi, I'm Cheryl, I'm in the stl area. I found you originally through stlwed. I read a ton of blogs, but am a horrible commenter. I feel like I never have anything good to say about people's posts even though I like reading them.

Karen & TJ - A New Life Together said...
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Trisha said...

I'm Trisha, I'm from the "good side" of the river, and met you through STLWed. I am happy to report that I FINALLY got to meet you in person a few months ago and then got to hang out with you again a few weeks ago, and what fun was that?! I can only HOPE to get to hang out with you more and more and more! You're a COOL chick!

Mary said...

Happy 100, Teresa!

I'm Mary, I found your blog on stlwed, and my blog is girlstandstill.blogspot.com.

My fun fact: I've been sleeping with a stuffed pig since my senior year of high school. He's named after Hector in the Iliad, the greatest literary hero of all-time.

Nicole said...


Nicole here, from good old Edwardsville (IL), my blog is Love That Sunshine.

I love your blog because you are just so hilarious in real life and your sense of humor shines through in your writing!

Fun fact? I happen to know that tomorrow is your birthday and Friday is mine! Happy Birthday lady!!!

natalie said...

Natalie from St. Louis

I either found your blog on STLwed or through the random blogstalking that i do

random fact-- I am TERRIFIED of little people and stiltwalkers...

sarah said...

Ooh, I want to play! I'm Sarah and my blog is SarahGoneWild.com. I found your blog through STLWed.

Random fact? I can't handle being around other people when they are brushing their teeth, and it gives me the chills to even think about accidentally biting down on toothbrush bristles. *Shudder*

Team Boyd said...

Happy 100th Teresa!

It's Brea, your old AG buddy :)
Blog: http://theboydteam.blogspot.com/

Shame on me though. Your one of the few blogs I regularly read and I never post. I'm going to get better about that though. I love to read all the things that go on with Roxie, Nathan and the house.

Weird fact: I wont eat folded chips. I don't know why other than they feel really greasy. Up until about 2 years ago I would just put them back in the bag but lately I have been breaking them apart and eating them. They still aren't as good as non-folded chips but the texture is a little better. So strange....

Beth said...

This is Beth. You know me. You know where I live. You know all the funky things about me. And you should know how I found your blog. For people who don't know I'm your sister, that all sounded kind of creepy, huh?
Well, I guess I can come out of the closet now too. I also have a blog. You should be able to view it at http://tiwa07.livejournal.com/

Juan & Katie said...
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Lisa said...

Hi Teresa! My blog is High Heels and Sweatshirts, I found you through STL Wed, and I love a good book and long walks on the beach :)

Random fact: Hmm...I hate when people tell me about their dreams. It didn't actually happen, so what's the point.

Jenn said...

HI TERESA!!! It's Jenn here, I'm from Bellevegas (otherwise known as Belleville). My blog is jenn-journey.blogspot.com and I think you just told me about your blog, or I found it on StLWed, or possibly from someone else's blog...hell I don't really remember.

Random fact about me...I got home at 6:30 this morning and was at the office by 7:45!

Nikki said...

Hey Theresa! My blog is The Wishes and The Glitches, I'm in St. Louis, found you through StlWed probably...
Random: I eat my cereal out of a plastic cup.

Maria said...

Happy 100th post Teresa! It' been fun reading everyone's replies.

I'm from St. Louis. I found you through stlwed, and my blog is When In Rome.

Random fact: I love spreadsheets!

Amanda, Mandy, Manda, Tomato said...

What a fun idea to celebrate 100 posts!

I'm Amanda and I live in Los Angeles. My blog is imalonerdottiearebel.blogspot.com and I found you through stlwed.

My random fact is that I'm a compulsive list maker.

Carrie said...

Hi. My name is Carrie and I'm a eatingdrinkingandbeingmarriedaholic.

[Hi, Carie!]

My fantabulous blog is at http://carrie-uncensored.blogspot.com/. Repub visitors, beware.

I live in STL in an area I fondly refer to as SoCoIsh.

I stumbled upon your blog via the board, as you are a fellow boarder.

Random thing: I am awesome.

Well, that just killed 3 minutes of my work day...

Carrie said...

And I just realized I spelled my own name wrong. I'm not very bright.

Angela and Brian said...

My name is Angela and I live in Branson. I found you through STLWED.

My blog is Rosenthal 2 LaPlant...http://rosenthal2laplant.blogspot.com/

Random fact...I have been told I look like Drew Barrymore a lot, especially when I was younger.

Scazar said...

Hello, I am Billy I live here in Saint Louis. I'm a very boring fellow who doesn't do much but read and play video games.

I met you when your Husband was smart enough to start dating you.

Random Fact: The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie.

Teresa said...

Jen, it's good to know you and your blog! Glad you got to come out the other night!

Beckie, HI!!! It's good to know you are still around and reading my blog. I am not a fan of popsicle sticks either.

Cheryl, don't feel like commenting is required. I have been so bad about doing it lately. But I am so glad you made this exception so you could introduce yourself! Thanks for reading!

Karen, I just realized I don't have you on my reader! Crazy stuff about the chicken pox!

Trisha, thanks for the compliment. I think you are one cool chick as well!

Mary, I need to be introduced to this stuffed pig sometime!

Nicole, aka one of the funniest girls I know....sounds like you had a great birthday just like me!

Natalie, I am glad someone other than me admits to blog stalking!

Sarah, woot for Sarah gone wild! A new must read for me!

Brea, I miss you lots, girl! Glad you are starting to blog again! Your house is really coming along!!!

Beth, oh lovely sister, those statements were creepy so I am glad you explained yourself.

Teresa said...

Katie, nail cutting is bad. I definately agree with you!

Lisa, I love long walks on the beach too! Hehe.

Jenn, oh love of my life, Jenn. I don't consider your random fact very random. Come up with something better!

Nikki, is cereal not supposed to be eaten out of a plastic cup!?! I do that too!

Maria, I am glad you have enjoyed everyone's comments, hopefully just as much as you enjoy spreadsheets.

Amanda, I too make lists compulsively. Note that the blog before this has a list of posts for the week!

Carrie, you are not awesome for misspelling your own name!

Angela, it's funny people called you DB because I have a coworker that swears I look just like her when my hair is short!

Billy, I laughed at the comment about my husband. He still isn't too bright. :)

Amy said...

i am so behind on google reader it's not funny! Anywho--happy 100th, and happy belated b-day.

I found you by stalking you. nah, just another stlweder! :) i'm mrs. amy b that has all the adventures and mishaps.

weird thing, huh, i have the feel of cotton balls and i tto never have had the chicken pox.

i;m almos to 100 i might steal this too! :)

Jamie said...

Hey, Teresa....happy 100th post!! Lots of happys lately for you, missy. Okay, okay...here we go.

Jamie, All Things Jamie, St. Louis, stlwed, and um. I used to live in a mobile home. There. I said it. I know...you could totally tell, right? Watch my blog for more details. Gah.