Sunday, March 14, 2010

I don't care what you say...Marathon training SUCKS!


Sure, I'm confident that once I make it to the finish line I will have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, but right now all I can think about is the fact that I have one more week and a 20 mile run to make it to when I start to taper.


Yesterday I ran 18 miles in the park. That was over four hours in the wind, rain, and cold. (Ok... it wasn't that cold...but cold for March!) The first 10 miles I felt great. Then around 13 my mind started taking over. My legs started to hurt and my ever present foot pain started making itself more apparent. Yesterday would have been one of those great days to curl up with a blanket, watch a movie, and maybe even take a nap. But instead I was outside being super sweaty and battling a headache in the midst of running. Fun times right??

Now, in fairness to Mr. Marathon, I can't be all negative. Training for the marathon has been a great way to get in shape. Even though not many people have noticed (or at least not said anything) I am totally getting smaller. I can see my stomach shrinking and seeing lines I never thought I would see. And I've gotten little victories here and there that have helped my self-esteem.

I think it is going to be nice to get a little free time back. Even with switching to a lower intensity training plan, I still spent a good 8 or more hours a week running or doing cross training. Not to mention the hours upon hours agonizing about where I am going to run, the weather, my foot pain, and what I am eating. Does anyone know how many rules there are for eating while in training for a marathon!? I mean it's insane. I can't even begin to tell you how confusing meal planning has been. And after this marathon I don't think I will want to see any sport beans for a very, very long time.

I am pretty confident that after April 11th I won't be doing any more full marathons for a long time. I really enjoy doing half marathons, so I think I may stick to those for awhile and try and get some of my sanity back.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

You rock! Kristal and I were just talking about you this AM. What in the world is a sports bean???

Teresa said...

Well thanks for the compliment. :) Sport beans are jelly beans that you eat while you are running to help restore your sugar/ give you energy. When you are running for hours it's pretty essential to have something to keep your energy up.

LC said...

Teresa, you know what an inspiration you have been for me and my running journey. I am just so proud of you! 18 miles is freaking insane! You are going to be awesome in April. I can't wait to give a half marathon a try some day. Don't know if I will ever try for a full but who knows. Keep up the good work, lady!

Julia said...

yes, it sucks but it's awesome at the same time. and even though you swear you won't do another full...and you'll probably say that right after the race, too...i bet you will forget the crappy parts and get addicted in no time:) almost there, sister. hang in there!! it really is worth it!

Kristen said...

what an amazing goal you've set for yourself and I can only imagine how proud you will be of your accomplishment!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations, you are doing awesome!

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