Thursday, October 29, 2009

Local Pumpkin beers

I have been"brewing" an idea for a future blog. I am really wanting to do a local (St. Louis and surrounding) pumpkin beer taste off. So far I have this list of contenders:


Anyone else know of any other local places with pumpkin brew? Last I checked with Square One no one really knew if they were doing pumpkin this year.


Sarah said...

I don't know of other locals, but you should be warned that Schlafly is out of Pumpkin. You can still get it in bottles, but Taproom was out on Tuesday and said that Bottleworks was too. At that point, it isn't a fair comparison because the Schalfly is soooo much better on draft than in a bottle.

News-Bitch said...

I don't know of any other places in St. Louis that brew one, but I think O'Fallon's ruined me for any other brewer's. I can't drink it right now, but i keep pushing my husband to in my place, haha!

Anonymous said...

Just found out Square One DOES have pumpkin brew. And the boyfriend swears it's the absolute best - he would pit it against any other pumpkin beer in the city, and he's always been a huge O'Fallon fan.