Thursday, October 15, 2009

I really do enjoy blogging, I swear!

I have written at least half a dozen posts in the last 3 weeks and haven't completed a single one. I pretty much hated all of them, and just felt like I was rambling on and on and not being very entertaining therefore none of them were finished.

In simple terms, life is good. I've had a busy few weeks that have included lots of family and friends so that has been great. However, I am exhausted and realizing more and more that I am the type of person that needs to have more "free" days that include nothing more than doing a few things around the house, maybe an errand or two, and possibly going for a run.

Speaking of running, it is completely taking over my life. While you may think that is an exaggeration, it isn't far from the truth. I think about running all the time. I talk about running to friends, family, strangers I meet, really anyone that will listen. I don't know exactly how to put it into words, but I think running is becoming my new food.

I know that may sound confusing but if you know me in real life or have been reading this blog from its early beginnings, you know I am a self proclaimed foodie. I would think, read, and talk about food all the time. I enjoyed it, I obsessed over perfect recipes and I would get a ton of a rush from a perfected dish or a compliment on one of my dishes. While I still love to cook and still love a good recipe and a compliment I haven't really "thought" about food even half as much as I did a few months ago.

I don't foresee this change going away anytime soon, so I have been debating about starting a separate blog about my experiences running including some upcoming races. I personally never thought doing two blogs would be for me, but my running experiences are pretty far from what Eating, Drinking, and Being Married was originally supposed to be about. Then again, I think one of them getting neglected is a big possibility.

I'm completely torn so I would love anyone with thoughts on the matter to leave them in the comment section. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Keep it all on one blog! The blog is really about your life in general, and running is part of that now, so it seems appropriate to have it all together.

Lisa said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Kristal! And, yay, for a new post :).

LC said...

I would also like you to keep it all on one blog! It is part of your life and should stay here. Two blogs confuse me. That might be a personal problem.

A month ago, I might have said that your running obsession is insane. BUT...I get you. My life is controlled by this running thing. What I eat, what I drink, when I go to bed...all comes back to running. Who would have thought?!

Claire Uncorked said...

Keep it simple. One blog.

Pilar said...

You could rename this blog "Eating, drinking and running" :-D