Friday, September 4, 2009

It's the little things #1

The 20 that started it all....

1.) Weather cool enough to leave the windows open for weeks at a time.
2.) My adorable puppies taking naps
3.) Good deals on delicous red wine
4.) All things Pumpkin (including a good pumpkin beer)
5.) Crown Valley's Sleighbell Spiced Ale
6.) Winery trips
7.) A clean and organized desk
8.) Using my laptop while reclining on the Mauve Monster9
.) Work days that fly by
10.) Firepits with comfy chairs around them
11.) Napping in the afternoon
12.) Leaving work before 2 pm
13.) Short work weeks
14.) Happy clients
15.) Cherry coke zero
16.) Fresh baked bread
17.) the feeling of accomplishment after running 13 miles on Grants Trail
18.) Grocery shopping
19.) Winning Ebay auctions
20.) My awesome new roller skates