Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The weight of work

I'm quite sure you think this is going to be a post talking about how crazy stressed I am with work. Ha! It actually isn't! I have been working a crazy amount already this week, and I can't believe it is only Tuesday; however, today as I was digging through my purse I had a realization. I have a TON of stuff that I carry around for my job. I thought some of you may be amused by the randomness of it all, so I snapped a picture with my handy iPhone:

What is this stuff you ask? Don't worry I am going to tell you.
Starting with the top left, a box like device called a magazine. It attaches to the inside of the vending machine and collects any dollars that go into the vending machine.
Next up is my mini tool kit. This little baby is easily the best $4 I ever spent at the wonder that is Walgreens. Pliers, screwdrivers, etc. are all in this mini fold out bag. It has saved me from calling a service guy out to a machine just to make a simple adjustment. If you are in need of such a convenient little bag I believe Walgreens still sells them.
Next row is two scan/key cards. One is to my new expanded account and another is to my office. Wearing two scan cards at once makes me look like a totally nerd as someone pointed out to me today.
Then onto my set of everyday work keys on my pink phonecord style keychain. It is hard to tell but that is 14 keys in total, most of them I use daily.
Thermometers for refrigerated machines and my small stack of business cards is pretty self explanatory.
Then a huge file folder of paperwork and spare keys which I normally have in my office, but somehow managed to wander into my overly heavy purse this week.
Of course, my phone is also essential to everyday work functions since some weeks I only spend a few hours in my office.
So there you have it...Teresa's work stuff all ready to be put to use. Kind of cool, right? :)

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Mary said...

I hope you carry a backback instead of a purse when you lug all that stuff around. I'm impressed that the cool looking tool kit cost only $4! It looks so professional.